Candlewood Writers Workshop

Every person is a writer though the purpose may differ. Whether you desire artistic expression, have a story to tell, a memory to pass on or seek healing through writing, The Candlewood Writers Group offers a safe, friendly and supportive environment for your voice to be heard. By sharing your work with others you’ll have the freedom to explore whatever you want to write while improving your craft.

We’re a diverse group…sometimes funny and thoughtful or if we choose serious and reflective. We’re informative and creative with imaginations which can surprise even us. But mostly we’re exuberant over our writing and the others in the group.

“You have a voice just as surely as you have a face, and it is already full of character, passionate and nunaced and beautiful.” Pat Schneider, author of Writing Alone and With Others

The Candlewood Writers Workshop is located in Danbury Connecticut

Michele M…
“I have known and learned from Priscilla Whitley for close to a decade. Priscilla is an accomplished writer with extensive experience yet she provides tidbits of insight inexperienced writers need to solve their writing dilemmas and develop their abilities with confidence. Priscilla also provides numerous resources and encourages students to submit work to a vast array of print and online publications, something I never considered in the past. As a member of the Candlewood Writing Group which Priscilla founded and facilitates, I have become a braver and more frequent writer, willing to rise to her gentle nudges and explore ideas and styles I would never achieve on my own. Thank you, Priscilla!”

Elizabeth J….
“Priscilla has generously shared her creative knowledge of the written word. I’ve been with her Workshop for six years and now find myself a more conscious writer. Priscilla’s boundless enthusiasm has been a gift for me.”

Beth M…
“Priscilla Whitley is a writer, a teacher and an editor. I met her when she was teaching a workshop in Westchester County, New York. I was a new student hoping to try my hand at creative writing. Never did I expect from that one semester to find a mentor, a coach and a friend all in one person. She’s an extraordinary content editor, a visual story teller and a mentor for those wishing to write better. But most of all she provides a safe haven for those of us in need of expressing ourselves on paper. Her students can write freely knowing she’ll hear their voice and guide them to the next page. It was through her guidance I was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s, Shaping the New You. It’s her voice I hear when I edit my own work. I would never submit anything for publication without Priscilla’s blessing.”

Sandy R…
“Thank you for all your help with my various stories. You always give such wonderful input and add immense value to the pieces. I love our workshop.”

Muriel R….
“This workshop was wonderfully informative. The suggested readings…books…articles…were so helpful. The readings of poetry in our class was such a treat. I found the comments, even when the work was not my own, so helpful. Attending your workshop has been a positive experience for me, thank you.”

Silvana T….
“I have always had an interest in writing and this class opened up that opportunity in such a safe environment. I learned so much about improving my writing in such a short time. I can’t wait to participate in another workshop.”

Anslem A…..
“I felt comfort in this class knowing other students faced the same problems I did as a writer. Priscilla was gracious with her knowledge and patient with her time.”


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